Glasses Insurance UK

Glasses Insurance UK – We protect your glasses We want to offer you the most complete service possible when buying your glasses. For this reason, all our glasses always come with their insurance against breakage and damage, and in case there are changes in the visual correction you need.

Glasses Insurance UK
Glasses Insurance UK

It has happened to almost all users at some point that their glasses have suffered some damage, due to having sat on them or due to an unfortunate trip. On the other hand, it has happened to many people that naturally, some time after buying their glasses, their vision prescription has changed, and therefore they need different lenses.

We want you to be satisfied in these situations. Therefore, so that you do not have to pay what new glasses cost, our insurance covers these risks.

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Glasses Insurance UK

When you order your glasses at one of our opticians associated with, you automatically obtain insurance for those glasses valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. This Glasses Insurance UK covers the following risks:

  • Damage to the frame (for example, a broken temple)
  • Damaged lenses (for example breakage or scratches)
  • Changes of at least 0.5 diopters in the vision correction you need

In these cases the insurance covers 75% of the costs. After obtaining the spare glasses covered by this insurance, the protection of the same is extinguished. Please note the insurance conditions explained in our conditions of sale.

Only the conditions that are part of the sales contract are valid. The insurance does not cover loss or theft, it is essential to present the damaged glasses. It is not possible to refund the amount of the purchase, but only the replacement of the damaged product.

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How does the insurance work?

Glasses Insurance UK – In case your glasses are damaged or your vision correction needs have changed by at least 0.5 diopters, so that the insurance conditions are met, you can follow the following procedure:

Go to the optician where they attended you so that they assess the damage and can process your solution as quickly as possible

If you cannot go to the optician’s office immediately, contact the customer service by calling 900 80 22 90 or writing to

 With the insurance of, you know that your glasses are well insured!

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