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Gond Ke Laddu Ki Recipe – गोंद के लड्डू की रेसिपी

Gond Ke Laddu Ki Recipeगोंद के लड्डू की रेसिपी – A delicious & healthy laddu recipe prepared from jaggery, coconut, dry fruits, & gum. This is a popular North Indian sweet recipe which is specially prepared to provide the necessary warmth and warmth during the rainy or winter season. It is rich in nutrients, calories & hence is ideal for serving to children & old-aged people.

Gond Ke Laddu Ki Recipe

Indian cuisine deals with many sweets and dessert dishes which are rich in sugar & carbs. These are generally said to be not good for health and especially for diabetic patients & weight watchers. but this recipe of gond ke laddu is very unique & it is called healthy laddu.

Ingredients for Gond Ke Laddu Ki Recipe – गोंद के लड्डू की रेसिपी

  • Wheat flour – 1 cup
  • Bura – 1 cup
  • Ghee – cup
  • Gum – cup (100 grams)
  • Cashew – 10 to 12
  • Melon seeds – 2 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder – tsp

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How to make Gond Ke Laddu Ki Recipe – गोंद के लड्डू की रेसिपी

  • Break the gum & Cut cashew nuts into fine pieces.
  • Put more than half of the ghee in a pan & heat it. Add a little gum to the hot ghee and fry it while stirring continuously.
  • To check whether the gum is cooked or not, take out a piece of gum & press it with your hand, it should become like a powder. After the gum has swelled and roasted well, take it out in a plate, fry all the gum in the same way.
  • Add flour to the remaining ghee and fry it on low flame, stirring continuously, till it becomes light brown. When a good smell comes from the dough and it turns light brown, the dough is ready after roasting. Switch off the gas and take out the dough in a plate.
  • Put the seeds in a hot pan & fry them while stirring continuously. You can also add a little ghee to it. The seeds splutter while roasting, so keep a plate a little above the pan so that they do not swell and fall out. Put the roasted seeds on the dough. Add cashew pieces, cardamom powder to it.
  • After the gum cools down, apply pressure on the plate itself and make it a little more finely. Put gum and all the things in a bowl and mix it. Also add boora and mix. The mixture for making laddus is ready. Lift the mixture little by little from the mixture and make round laddus and place them on the plate. Make laddus from all the mixture and put them on the plate.

Delicious gond ke ladoos are ready. Let the gum laddoos remain in the air for 1-2 hours. You keep these gond ladoos in an airtight container and eat them for 2 months.


Gond Ke Laddu Ki Recipeगोंद के लड्डू की रेसिपी – While frying the gum, keep the fire low after the oil is heated, after frying the gum, take it out of the pan, break the big pieces and see if they are raw from inside, if it is so, then you can break those pieces and reduce the fire again. But fry it.

  • Do not cook the gum on high flame. Due to this, the gum gets cooked from above, but remains raw from inside.
  • While roasting the flour, keep the flame medium low and fry it while stirring continuously. The dough should not burn.
  • Make laddus as soon as the mixture becomes slightly hot. The mixture begins to disintegrate as it cools.
  • If you want, you can also make laddus by making sugar syrup instead of boora. If making laddoos from sugar syrup, then 1/2 cup of ghee is enough because making sugar syrup keeps little moisture in the mixture, so that the laddoos can be tied easily.
  • Gond ke laddus can be eaten by keeping it for 3 months.