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Gun price in India with License

Gun price in India with license – Although security arrangements have been made in our country for our safety, but still, if a person is afraid of any kind of danger and wants to make any special arrangements for his safety. So he can keep the gun with him. But there is a special provision for this also.

Gun price in India with License
Gun price in India with license

You can only keep a licensed gun with you. That too after submitting all the necessary documents and mentioning the specific reason for possessing the gun is also very important. Also, you can keep it only for your own safety and not to scare or harm anyone.

You will not be given a gun without any special reason. It could be that you are a celebrity and your life is in danger. Or you cover bad business area and you have to move from place to place. If you have got your license to keep a gun within one state and you want to carry a gun in another state, then you will have to apply separately for this.

In today’s article, we are going to give you all the important information about Gun price in India with license & applying for keeping a gun in India, from its price.

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Gun price in India with license – licensed gun price in India

The provision of granting license guns in India is mentioned in the Arms Act 1959. The fee you pay while buying a gun also includes some other charges like Rifle Club Fee, Red Cross Society Fee, Stamp Fee, Receipt Fee, etc.

The price of different guns has been kept different. whose detailed information is as follows

The cost of a 22 bore rifle license is forty thousand rupees and its renewal fee is 20 rupees. The cost of ML guns and air guns is ten thousand rupees. And the revolver is available for Rs 5000. A pistol or revolver is priced at Rs 58000. For a rifle, you have to pay Rs 37500. For a double barrel gun, you have to pay Rs 26000. The cost of single-barreled gun is Rs 16000. 32 calibre The revolver has been priced at Rs 1.38 lakh. The price of Weebley’s pistol has been fixed at around 2.5 lakhs. Appropriate tax is added to the price of the gun.

Process of getting license gun in India

To get a license gun you have to go through the following steps

Take the form from the ADM office or the Collectorate office and fill it and submit it there. This form will be sent to the SP office for police verification. After this, the form will be sent to your nearest police station from where the officer will confirm the information given by you like address etc. The CSP will confirm whether you should be given a gun or not.

After confirmation, a form will be sent again to the SP office. After the normal check, the form will be sent to the district special branch for criminal background checking. The DSB will do your criminal background check and send the form back to the SP office. After seeing the SSP take the final decision. The SSP sends his own approval or disapproval to the ADM office. On the basis of the decision of the SSP, you are given a licensed gun from the ADM office.

Important Points There may be slight variations in the above procedure depending on the states.

Apart from this, while taking a licensed gun, you also have to pay a donation fee to the Red Cross Society, which can be up to 21000, 31000, or 41000. This fee is decided by the honorable officer, which you can also reduce by applying.

Buying a license gun is not so easy, but if you follow all the rules properly and apply at the right place with all types of documents, then you will be able to get it easily.

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What documents are required for a licensed gun?

You will need the following documents for a licensed gun

  • Address proof
  • age proof
  • identity certificate
  • fitness certificate

Gun price in India with license – Along with all these documents, you also need to have experience in operating a gun. For this, you also have to get a license.

How much will it cost to get a license?

For revolver, pistols, or repeating revolvers, a fee of hundred rupees and fifty rupees has been kept for renewal and this price varies from time to time, you can go and take it, but before taking it, you must check it what is its price.

If you want to take any kind of pistol, then you will have to take it along with the license, otherwise, you may have to pay a penalty for that.

Which licensed guns can we keep: Gun price in India with license

As soon as we get the license, we get the right to keep it and when we get the license, after getting the license, we can keep three types of guns which are as follows

  • Reporting
  • handgun
  • shotgun

A person can hold a maximum of three guns. All of them have to have the same license. For a license of one gun, you have to pay 600 rupees, 900 for two guns, and 1500 rupees for three guns. There are some guns which the common man cannot keep with himself.

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Conclusion: Gun price in India with license

Although every person in India has the right to have a gun, but still, while taking a licensed gun, it is necessary to tell the specific reason for keeping the gun. You can keep the gun only for your own safety. Also, after getting the gun, you have to give all the information to your nearest police station. Gun price in India with license – There detailed information of your gun is kept.

Also, in between, you have to keep giving information about the gun in the police station. Illegally possessing an unlicensed gun will entitle you to a hefty punishment. Therefore, before buying a gun in India, you must gather the necessary information.

Through this article Gun price in India with license, we have tried our best to tell you all the information related to keeping guns in India in detail, hope you liked this article Gun price in India with license.


1Q. How much does a pistol cost?

The cost of a pistol was kept in the market at Rs.2 lakh.

2Q. How much does a katta gun cost?

For one thousand rupees, 12 bore katta is available in the gun.

3Q. What is the difference between revolver and pistol?

If seen, there are 6 fires in the revolver but 18 bullets come in the pistol, so the difference between bullets and fire has been kept in these two.

4Q. How much does a rifle license cost?

All guns have a different price, so if you take a rifle, then its price may be different, if you make a pistol then you have to pay 100 rupees and this is the fee for you.