How The Birds Got Their Colours

How The Birds Got Their Colours – This beautiful legend from India, ‘The color of birds’, explains why birds have different colors and as a curiosity, it also tells why some sparrows have a small yellow spot on their heads.

How The Birds Got Their Colours – The Hindu legend of the color of birds

How The Birds Got Their Colours
How The Birds Got Their Colours

At the beginning of all time, just created the Earth, the birds all wore the same tone: brown. They differed by shape or song, but not by color.

They admired all other things, and were jealous of the sun, the sea, the flowers… and the rainbow. Why couldn’t they have such beautiful colors? One fine day they got together and agreed to turn to Mother Nature for help. They wanted to change the color of their feathers.

It was the elegant and majestic eagle who was in charge of looking for Mother Nature and requesting an audience. And she agreed to change her plumage:

– But think very well about the color you want, because you will decide it and not me- he said to the eagle.

Mother Nature gave them a few days to think about the colors they wanted to have. After a week, all the birds came very nervous to the appointment. The magpie was the first, and asked for a discreet color:

– Bluish black… with a white chest, it would be fine…

“Very successful,” said Mother Nature, who took her finest brushes and began to dye the magpie’s feathers. How happy was she! She left there stretching her neck well so that the rest of the birds could admire her great change.

How The Birds Got Their Colours – Then the amusing parakeet approached with small jumps :

– I would like to have a blue head like the sky, and some bright colors of your choice on the body…

“I think it’s very good,” said Mother Earth, painting her small body with agility.

And after the parakeet, the peacock waddled in, with its tail feathers spread wide.

– I would like these colorful tail feathers to have striking colors: blue, green, red, and gold, so that everyone can admire my unsurpassed beauty…

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– I will have enough work with you, but your feathers will be truly envied by many- said Mother Nature.

And after a long time, the peacock caused a sensation. There was no bird with such beautiful feathers.

The little sparrow: How The Birds Got Their Colours

How The Birds Got Their Colours – And after the peacock, it was the turn of the canary, without great aspirations:

“I just want one color, but make it visible… I love the sun, so yellow would be fine,” she said in her sweet voice.

“Yellow looks good to me,” said Mother Nature. And in no time, she managed to dye all her feathers. Now yes, the canary was the center of attention, not only because of his song, but because of the joy that his feathers gave off. Undoubtedly, yellow suited the canary…

And so, one after another, all the birds were asking for a change of colors. Mother Nature was agitated. Luckily she saw that there weren’t any left, because the paint had run out.

– I love how you all turned out. Much more beautiful, no doubt.

But just when she was going to say goodbye, she saw that a small bird came to her hopping.

– Please wait! I am missing it! I couldn’t get there earlier, because I live far away and I’m small…

– Oh… you’re the sparrow, right? I’m so sorry! I ran out of paint…

How The Birds Got Their Colours – The little sparrow began to cry disconsolately, and Mother Nature moved and looked for a solution. Suddenly, she saw on her palette a small drop of yellow paint, which she had left over from when she painted the canary.

– Wait! I have a drop of the yellow left! Where do you want it?

The sparrow, excited, bowed his head and said:

– Here, in the head.

Mother Nature used up that last drop of paint and the sparrow began to jump up and down with delight. She was really happy with the little spot on her! And that’s why, even today, some sparrows have a little yellow speck on their head… some on their beaks and others on their throats.

What themes can you work with the legend of the color of birds

Use this beautiful legend from India, ‘The Color of Birds’, to reflect on:

  • Being a non-conformist versus being a ‘complainer’. Differences.
  • The changes that make us improve.
  • The ambition.
  • The value of humility.
  • The happiness.

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Reflections on the legend ‘The color of the birds’: How The Birds Got Their Colours

How The Birds Got Their Colours – Being a complainer is not the same as being a non-conformist. Asking for a change to improve, and having initiative, is a good thing, while complaining about something without looking for a solution does not get us anywhere.

  • The ‘jealousy’ that helps us improve: It is not the same to feel envy and want to do evil to someone who is envied than to experience certain ‘jealousy’ for something that others have and that we could have, and seek what we want without seeking harm of others. Nor is it copying what others have, but simply ‘taking inspiration from them to create something different from what they have. In this case, in ‘The color of the birds’, the birds were jealous of the plants that had colors. Also from the sea, the sun… And inspired by them, they thought that they could improve their appearance with certain shades. It is not a ‘jealousy’ that harms us but a desire for change that benefits us.
  • Do not complain… act!: The difference between the complainer and the non-conformist is that the former only sees the negative aspect of things, while the latter is aware of what he wants to change and looks for a way to do it. The protagonists of the color of the birds, did not complain about being brown, but wanted to change what they were not comfortable with. Therefore, they asked for the help of Mother Nature. You already know the Spanish saying: “who does not cry, does not breast”. Well, this, applied to the story of this legend: the birds complain to Mother Nature as a claim to get what they want.

“Sometimes we think we feel jealous towards others, but in reality it is a desire to change for the better.”

— (Reflections on ‘The Color of Birds’)

One more reflection on ‘The Color of Birds’

  • The different personalities of the birds: It is curious how in ‘The color of the birds’, each bird chooses its color based on its personality. Thus, while the magpie prefers discreet colors to be able to move without attracting much attention, and to camouflage itself better at night, the parakeet seeks cheerful and colorful colors, as well as the peacock, which also demands to be ‘elegant’ and majestic.

How The Birds Got Their Colours – In the color of birds, the sparrow represents the small and absent-minded bird, which arrives late and achieves less, but is nevertheless capable of being infinitely more grateful for the little it achieves, and fully enjoying it. Happiness in its purest form: it doesn’t require much. Just very little. And it is that sometimes the changes do not have to be big. A tiny bit can already make a tremendous difference.

Other incredible legends about birds: How The Birds Got Their Colours

How The Birds Got Their Colours – Did you like this bird color legend? There are very beautiful legends about other birds. Here are some examples:

  • The legend of the woodpecker: This Argentine legend speaks of solidarity and sacrifice for a common good. You’ll love it!
  • The legend of the hummingbird: In this case, this ancient Mayan legend explains the origin of this beautiful bird, which was entrusted with a very important task related to men. Find out what it is.
  • Parrots: Can you imagine that parrots could talk and think like men? According to this Inca legend, there was a time when it happened, but the pride and vanity of these birds angered the gods… and they ended up being punished.

And remember that you can also listen to many of these beautiful legends narrated by podcast. Thanks for reading this article How The Birds Got Their Colours?