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How To Become An Advocate In India

How To Become An Advocate In India – There are many such students in our country, who are interested in getting information related to law, and want to play an important role in fighting for the rights of the people, the candidates who are interested in such field can become a lawyer, or advocate for careers. is a better option. By becoming an advocate, you can fight a legal battle for the rights of yourself and others, how can you become an advocate? We are telling you about this in detail on this page.

How To Become An Advocate In India

Educational Qualification and Age to Become Advocate

The courses of LLB are of two types, in the first type, of course, there is a course of 5 years and in the second course, there is a course of 3 years, if you want to get an education in law after passing 12th, then for this you have to take five years. Reading the course, if you want to do this course after graduation, then this course will be for 3 years, and the minimum age of the candidate for this course is 20 years.

How To Become An Advocate In India or Lawyer

The full name of LLB is Bachelor of Law, LLB is taught about law, to study advocacy, first of all, you have to complete your studies till the 12th class, whether it is arts, commerce or science, you can do it from the subject if You study arts. Because in this you are told about some law, as soon as you pass the twelfth examination, and after that, you want to study to become a lawyer, then for this, you will have to give an entrance exam, all One has to appear in CLAT.

After being successful in this exam, you can get admission to Law College, which is a full five-year course, this entrance exam consists of a common test, in which you will be asked to study English, Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude, Mathematics, and General. Awareness-related questions are asked.

LLBthree year
BA LLB (Hons)five years
BSc LLB (Hons)five years
B.Com LLB (Hons) B.Com LLB (Hons)
two years

While doing BA LLB, the candidate has to acquire a special qualification in any specialized field like Corporate Law, Patent Law, Criminal Law, Cyber ​​Law, Family Law, Banking Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, International Law, etc. Later on, he could advocate for the same particular subject.

An Internship: How To Become An Advocate In India

After finishing law school, you have to do an internship, during this internship, you are taught about the court, like how the court is heard, for which side do two lawyers advocate, and how? All information is given under Internship.

Enrol in State Bar Council: How To Become An Advocate In India

After doing an internship, you have to enrol yourself in any state bar council, after enrolling in this you have to clear the All India Bar Examination, which is conducted by the Bar Council of India, successful in this After that, you get a certificate of practice, in this way your LLB course ie the process of becoming a lawyer will be completed. After this course, you can start your practice, or you can do further studies LLM i.e. Master in Law.

All India Bar Exam Syllabus: How To Become An Advocate In India

#All India Bar Examination will consist of 100 questions, which will be asked from the syllabus prescribed by the Bar Council for three and five-year LLB. All questions will be multiple-choice, and the time duration of the examination is fixed for three and a half hours. The entire syllabus appearing in the examination is divided into two categories. In both categories, the entire syllabus is divided into 1 to 20 chapters.

In the first category, chapters from 1 to 11 have been kept, and each will have seven questions. In the second category, 12-20 chapters have been kept, out of which 23 questions will have to be answered. The All India Bar Council examination will be conducted in nine languages, which include Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, and English.

Better and newer careers in the profession of advocacy

Environmental Lawyer

Under environmental law, there is talk of protecting those things which we have got from nature. In such cases many times public interest litigation is filed. For which people skilled in environmental law are demanded Apart from this, there is more demand for such people in NGOs.

Cyber ​​Lawyer

In the present time, many cases related to online and cybercrime have come to light. Mostly these include sending fake and threatening e-mails, cheating companies, software theft, SMS hacking, mobile cloning, etc. Looking at the cases, more attention is being paid to computer and network security.

The patent is a process under which a monopoly is granted on the product made from any new invention. If a party wants to make the product, then for this they will need a license, and have to pay a royalty on it. Thus, all the work related to this is done under the direction of a lawyer.

Labor Lawyer

Labour law has been made to solve the problems related to employees and their rights, at present. The problems related to this field are in court, better careers can be made in this field too.

International Lawyer

Under International Law, the problems arising between the national interests of nations are resolved by law. Suitable for a person interested in international events. Corporate Lawyers Their main job is to solve tax problems and other types of problems during various types of industry trades. The demand for such specialists is high in the corporate sector.

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