How To Find Khasara Number Online?

Search Khasra Online Sitting at Home: Khasra is an important document of a farm plot or any land. Only by this do we know, which land is in whose name and what is the area of ​​the land. We are asked for Khasara Number details in many works related to revenue and agriculture. But it is not available to most of the people. If you also do not have a Khasara Number copy, then you can remove it online. Let us tell you here in an easy way how to find Khasara Number online?

How To Find Khasara Number Online

To find Khasara Number, the revenue department of all the states has made available the official Bhulekh web portal. Where any person can get the land map of his land, copy of Khasra Khatauni sitting at home. But most of the people do not know about the online process due to which they are not able to take advantage of it. So here we are telling you step by step how to find Khasara Number through your mobile or computer?

How To Find Khasara Number Online?

1. Open the Bhuiyan website

To search for Khasara Number, one has to first go to the Bhuyan website. For this, do any internet web browser in your mobile or computer. After this, type in the search box and enter. For your convenience, we have also given the direct link of this website here. Through this, you will be able to go directly to Bhuyan Portal.

2. Select the Khasra Details Option – How To Find Khasara Number Online?

As soon as the Bhuyan web portal opens, on the screen, you will see different options to check the information related to the land records. To search for Khasra, select the Land related information option in the menu. Then select the Khasra Details option below.

3. Select District, Tehsil, and Village Name

To search for Khasra you have to select the details. Here first of all select your district name. After this select your Tehsil name and Village name.

4. Search Khasra by your name – How To Find Khasara Number Online?

In the next step, the option of Khasra wise and Name wise will appear on the screen. Select here name-wise. Then type your in the search box and select the Search button. As soon as you search your name, your name will appear in the name selection list. Select your name in it.

5. Download Khasra Report

As soon as you select your name, the Khasra report of all the land in your name will open. For this, you have to go to the report section. Then select the option to download the pdf file of the report in Khasra P2 Volume-2.

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6. Check Khasra Report

After downloading the Khasra report, open it. Here the Khasra details of all the land in your name will appear. Here you can check all the information related to the Khasara Number report.