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Jobseeker Payment

Jobseeker Payment – The SEPE pay that those who do not have unemployment (Jobseeker Payment ) can collect. The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has a subsidy for those who are in this situation and cannot apply for unemployment benefits (Jobseeker Payment ).

Jobseeker Payment
Jobseeker Payment

Receiving payment or aid from SEPE is a minimum cushion with which to deal with payments and usual day-to-day expenses, and although it does not provide for great luxuries and is just enough for basic needs, it is for many the only source of income after losing your job.

As you well know, not everyone has the right to collect SEPE unemployment (Jobseeker Payment ). In order to receive the contributory unemployment benefit (Jobseeker Payment ), it is an essential requirement to have reached a minimum year of the previous contribution. However, those who have not been able to reach this contribution period are not left with nothing, they are entitled to a different aid.

The help from the SEPE that you can request if you find yourself in this situation of less than one year worked is the unemployment (Jobseeker Payment ) subsidy for insufficient contributions. But to access it you have to meet other requirements: at least have reached 90 days of contributions if the applicant has family dependents. If you don’t have them, the requirement increases to 180 days.

Logically, and as in most SEPE grants, another requirement is to be registered as a job seeker, as well as to have signed the activity commitment and in case of receiving monthly income, it must be less than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI). ).

How much is charged with the SEPE pay for those who do not have the right to unemployment? Jobseeker Payment

The amount that the applicant can collect is 80% of the Iprem (Public Indicator of Income for Multiple Effects), which this 2022 is established at A$620.80 and represents a payment of A$667.50 per month. The time for which the claimant can collect the aid depends on the number of months quoted and their family situation, as detailed in SEPE at its electronic headquarters:

– Six months if there are no family responsibilities.

– For those who have family responsibilities and have contributed for six months or more. The subsidy may be collected up to 21 months. To begin with, the payment will be recognized for six months and then it will be extended in the same period.

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10 reasons to be registered as a jobseeker if you can’t find a job: Jobseeker Payment

If you are looking for a job, register as a job seeker. We give you 10 reasons why it is convenient to sign up for unemployment (Jobseeker Payment ) at your employment office.

How can I benefit from signing up for unemployment?

We always insist: it is convenient to register as a jobseeker (Jobseeker Payment ) when you are not working.

Sometimes it is thought that it is useless to sign up for unemployment (Jobseeker Payment ) if you are not entitled to any unemployment aid (Jobseeker Payment ), or there are cases in which the worker stops stamping when he has exhausted all the aid and does not receive job offers. Even in these cases, you must maintain your registration as a job seeker, because the advantages are always greater than the obligations assumed.

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10 reasons why it is convenient to be registered as unemployed: Jobseeker Payment

  1. Access free training courses. The different Employment Services offer a multitude of training courses, with which you can obtain very useful knowledge to find a job. In addition, in some cases, these courses can lead to a certificate of professionalism.
  2. Job offers: Likewise, the Employment Services manage job vacancies and job offers to which you are only called if you are registered as an applicant.
  3. Being considered long-term unemployed: to access some unemployment benefits (Jobseeker Payment ), such as the RAI, it is necessary to be considered long-term unemployed, and for this, it is necessary to be registered as a job seeker for a sufficient time and not stop sealing unemployment (Jobseeker Payment ).
  4. Bonuses and incentives to be hired: there are many bonuses and incentives for companies to hire workers, and to benefit from them it is often necessary for the worker to be registered as a job seeker. This is the reason why many companies ask the worker who is going to be hired to sign up for unemployment (Jobseeker Payment ) if he is not. But if he is already signed up, it will be a point in favor against another candidate who is not.
  5. Regional and Local Employment Plans. The Autonomous Communities and City Councils frequently set up employment plans in which people registered and with greater seniority have a preference in the scoring process for the jobs offered.
  6. Discounts and special rates for being unemployed: due to the economic crisis and a large number of unemployed, many public institutions and private companies offer discounts for those who are unemployed. Most of the time they ask to present the demand card, the DARDE, to prove the unemployed condition. An example is discounts on transport or energy bonuses.
  7. Access to the labor market for young people. Young people who have never contributed may think that it will not be to their advantage to register as a job seeker. Quite the contrary. There are programs, such as the Youth Guarantee System, which, by virtue of being registered, offer specialized training and facilities for hiring by the companies that collaborate in this program.
  8. Facilitate access to certain Social Security benefits in which a status of registration or “assimilated to registration” is requested. From the point of view of the regulations on Social Security, registration as a jobseeker (Jobseeker Payment ) is considered a situation assimilated to registration and this facilitates compliance with the requirements to access certain benefits that require it.
  9. Meet one of the requirements to opt for early retirement, which requires that the applicant be registered as a job seeker in the offices of the Public Employment Service, for at least six months immediately prior to the date of retirement application.
  10. Maintain health care: Health care is maintained while the benefit or some unemployment subsidy (Jobseeker Payment ) is being collected. But once the aid is exhausted, it is necessary to continue to sign up for unemployment (Jobseeker Payment ) to keep it and not lose rights, as we explain in this article.