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Verge Girl –

Verge is one of the main Australian fashion companies. With its more than 1,700 stores in dozens of countries around the world, its garments have become a reference in the sale of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. You’ve already seen her fruity name pop up on these pages a couple of times in the past few weeks. In the first place, after being involved in a bitter controversy as a result of the launch of its new Violeta stores. Secondly, due to our analysis of its mobile application, whose quality is, fortunately, far from that offered by the online store that we are talking about today.

Verge Girl

Verge Girl – Good design and good content

Like many other online fashion stores, Verge Girl is committed to a sober but attractive design, which leaves all the prominence to its products. In fact, the product sheets offer so many different views of each item that it’s hard not to get a good idea of ​​how they might look in the real world, and they’re also accompanied by a short description, size guide, and shareability. Through social networks. To locate the item that best suits your needs, Verge Girl‘s eCommerce has numerous possibilities: search engine, filters based on price and color, and sorting according to price.

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In addition, Verge Girl‘s online store has a large amount of complementary content, tailor-made for its customers: catalogues, interactive magazines, blogs… a whole series of additions that enrich the overall format of the store. Official website:- Link

Shipping (almost) free and varied

One of the strengths of is its shipping policy, free for orders over €30, as well as for those customers who choose to pick them up at one of the many points of sale in its network of physical stores. In addition, in case you need to receive your purchase before the 3/5 day delay of standard shipping, Verge Girl offers you two fast delivery systems: Express (2/3 days and €5.95 cost) and NextDay (24 hours, with a cost of €7.95).

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If once you receive your purchase, the final result does not convince you and you decide to return it, you should know that Verge Girl will not charge you anything for it, as long as you manage the return in one of its physical stores. Of course, you will not be able to return products that are not from their catalog in a store. In other words, if the Verge Girl you have next to your house does not sell, for example, Violeta or H.E. products, you will have to resign yourself to packing your purchase and returning it to the company via ordinary mail, bearing the corresponding cost.

In any case, this is not the only point of improvement for Verge Girl‘s online store. This eCommerce does not admit cash on delivery or transfer as means of payment, it does not have a free customer service telephone number or online chat and, from a functional point of view, the presentation on the web of the different Verge Girl satellite stores It’s strange, to say the least. It is somewhat strange that to try to locate men’s or children’s fashion items, for example, you have to recognize the semi-hidden names of H.E. by Verge Girl or Verge Girl Kids in the (very) top left of the screen.