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Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me

Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me – Today we provide you with information about Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me. So let’s start reading.

Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me
Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me
  • Having ice at home can be necessary in many situations, for example, organizing a party with friends where they are going to drink drinks, mojitos, or sangrias.
  • You can also use it simply to cool down a soft drink, or even to relieve some muscle problems if you need it.
  • For this reason, it is advisable to always have ice at home. But, what is the best place to buy and accumulate your ice reserves?
  • The usual thing is to buy them in the supermarket, at the gas station, in a Chinese store, or prepare them yourself. What is the best decision?

Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me

Having ice reserves at home is necessary in many situations. For example, it is common that you need it to organize parties where you are going to have drinks, sangrias, or mojitos, although it is also useful to cool any drink or even treat some injuries.

Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me – Because of this, it is recommended that you have sufficient reserves at home. If they run out or you have an emergency when the stores are closed there won’t be many possibilities left to you, beyond making them yourself.

But what is the best way to form your own ice reserves? You can buy bags at the supermarket, at a Chinese store, at a gas station, or make it yourself. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, and even different prices depending on which establishment you visit.

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The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) establishes in a report all the possibilities you have when it comes to getting all the ice you need. Here’s a breakdown of the best methods for building up your ice reserves.

Make your own ice

It is undoubtedly the cheapest alternative of all, since the ice is formed with tap water. In fact, you will only need an ice bucket and a freezer.

Water freezes at a temperature that ranges between -26º and -28º. Of course, you will need time and patience, because no device manufactures them fast enough for emergencies, especially when you have guests waiting.

Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me – Making a good forecast and preparing them well in advance can help you get out of trouble, but in case you need a lot of ice, it is more advisable to buy bags in supermarkets, gas stations, or Chinese stores.

Buy ice at the Supermarket

In the frozen section of any establishment, you will find the bags of ice you need. Although you should keep in mind that there are variations in prices depending on whether you buy in one or another chain.

The cost of ice per 2-kilo bag in the main supermarkets is as follows:

  • Mercadona: €0.90
  • Carrefour: €0.69
  • Hypercor: €0.99
  • Day: €0.89
  • Savemore: €0.95
  • Eroski: €0.95

Buy ice at a gas station

It is another option that you should always consider, since gas station stores tend to close later than supermarkets, and in an emergency at certain times of the night it can help you get out of trouble.

According to the OCU, the average price of a 2-kilo bag of ice at a gas station is 1.67 euros. The cost is higher than buying in a supermarket, but the possibility of going at any time of the day is well worth it.

Buy ice in a Chinese store

Chinese establishments also close later than supermarkets, some of them already in the middle of the night, so they are presented as a good option if you are meeting with friends at night.

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It is common to make this type of purchase in food bazaars. The OCU details that a 2-kilo bag of ice in a Chinese store has an average cost of €1.49. Cheaper than at a gas station, but still more expensive than buying the bags at the supermarket. Thanks for reading this article Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me.