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Exercises During Pregnancy

Do you think pregnancy training is dangerous? In this post, you will learn about its benefits, confirmed by science, constantly adapting the type of activity, intensity and duration to the mother’s condition. If there are no complications, physical activity is always beneficial for both. Let’s start reading Exercises During Pregnancy.

Exercises During Pregnancy

Studies have confirmed that regular low-intensity physical activity prevents excessive weight gain and diseases such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, hypertension and even fetal death without neglecting psychological well-being. Experts agree on an average of 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Exercises During Pregnancy – Are you expecting a baby? Sign up for pregnancy training

During the second trimester, the diaphragm rises, and breathing becomes thoracic. The heart and stomach move up, and the intestines are pressed by the enlargement of the uterus. This is the reason why digestions are heavier. As the baby matures, the thoracolumbar curvature also increases, causing back pain. In this context, personalized physical exercise is the best antidote because:

  • Improves weight distribution.
  • Strengthens the muscles.
  • Improves postural hygiene.
  • Activates circulation and thereby relieves swelling and varicose veins.
  • Contributes to rest.
  • Regulates mood.

Training proposals for pregnant women by trimesters

However, not just any practice will do. Activities that involve changes of direction, contact or overexertion. An anaerobic lactic exercise (the one in which 150 ppm is reached) is counter-productive, since, in addition to the risk of falling, oxygen availability is decreased for the body. Fetus. Apart from these precautions, you have many alternatives suitable for your state. If you have doubts, the ideal thing is to consult with your gynaecologist or midwife and then seek the advice of a personal trainer.

First trimester

We advise you to walk briskly or pedal on a stationary bike during these weeks. You will tone your legs and acquire resistance. Squats with your back against the wall will allow you to strengthen your lower body and de-stress your pelvis. Pilates exercises with a ball are also very suitable for implementing the pelvic tilt. In contrast, resistance exercises, with light weights and high repetitions, will be enjoyable and help you feel more vital.

Second quarter: Exercises During Pregnancy

For this stage, swimming and low-impact exercises are ideal since they involve a good part of the muscle groups and do not imply pressure on the abdomen and pelvis. Natal yoga is another complete discipline with which you will open your chest, relieve back pain, strengthen your legs and feel in tune with your body through conscious breathing. Therefore, we advise you to practice it throughout your pregnancy. We propose 2 very appropriate asanas for pregnant women.

Malasana: Exercises During Pregnancy

Garland pose requires you to squat with your feet perpendicular to your knees. Put your hands together as if praying, and touch your elbows to your knees. Stay like this for 5 minutes, focusing your attention on your breathing.

Bitilasana: Exercises During Pregnancy

The cow’s position perfectly applies the pelvic tilt we told you about earlier. Get on all fours with your head in line with your spine. Shrug your back up as you inhale through your nose, hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position exhaling through your mouth.

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Third trimester

Dancing, walking, and Kegel exercises will keep you from getting bored as you continue to prepare for labour. Kegel or hypopressive exercises require that you empty your bladder before starting. Contract your pelvic muscles, hold for a few seconds and relax. You should repeat this process about 10 times. If you are constant, its benefits will be maintained over time, and you will prevent incontinence.

As you can see, to the joy of your baby’s arrival, you should add an exercise routine according to your condition. If you need guidance, do not hesitate to contact us. We at Eurofitness will develop training for pregnant women tailored to you so you can enjoy this unique stage. Contact us without obligation!